How to choose sticky tape, adhesive tape?

Packing Tape (Packing Tape) has been an indispensable item in every family, in industries, electronics or in the long term, the packaging industry. Regarding the effect of adhesive tape in life, perhaps we do not need to discuss any more but how to choose suitable tape, cheap cost, good quality and, importantly, to find a stable supply of goods.

There are many types of adhesive tape on the market: opp tape, cloth tape, adhesive tape, double-sided tape … etc., depending on what our needs are for choosing the right product. For example, if you have to use tape to seal the carton, then you can choose the type of adhesive tape (in or opaque), used to promote the brand, then use the tape with the logo printed, used to paste the book, then you can Using adhesive tape or simili like to protect the product surface, we can use adhesive tape to protect the surface …

Adhesive tape, adhesive tape has many types of designs and correspond to it is the length and stick are different, trade in film thickness of adhesive tape from 40 microns – 70 microns, the length depends on the requirements of each person , with requirements that are not too high, we can choose thinner tape to save cost and vice versa if higher adhesive requirement is recommended, then thick film should be used.

Here you will have an overview of the tape, although many different types but if you have basic knowledge you will know and ask the supplier of adhesive tape, tape to suit the needs of use. . Or you can contact us so we can answer your questions.

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